I am  trying to use VXL under Borland C++ Builder 6. But I  have problems in building it; I used Cmake 2.4 for configuration. These are the steps i have done;

- I run CMake, entered source and bin directories.
- I pressed Configure button and choosed Borland Makefiles.
- After some time passed a list appeared in the cache list. First column was red. Status bar : Configuring Done.
- I pressed Configure again.
- All red cells become grey.  Status bar : Configuring Done.
- Then I pressed OK button.  Status bar showed generation percentage, it reached %100 and said Generation Done and CMake closed.

And here is where the problem starts; I dont know what to do then... There is not any Borland project  file in the bin directory. (Just for trying i did it all for Visual Studio 2005 and CMake created a vxl.sln file so that I could open it in VS 2005 and build it )

Can anybody help me with this?
Best Regards...

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