Hi, I ran Purify on the whole of vgui a couple of years ago and removed all the memory leaks it found then - I don't think things have change significantly since then but a couple of bugs have probably crept in.  Purify found several things it thought were memory leaks that weren't so you do need to check carefully.  If you find any bugs and you want them fixed then you can post them to the vxl-users list and they will be corrected in the latest development version of vxl.

On 1/28/06, 俊杰曹 <jjcao1231@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi friends,
After debuging many examples in vxl-1.4.0\core\vgui\examples, I found
there are some memory leak in each of them.

Is this a minor problem? Any hint is appreciated.
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