Hi all,

I'm working with some very large panorama images, or trying to.  I found vil_cached_image_resource and thought that vxl would be a good choice for doing some simple resampling/resizing.  But this only handles efficiently getting subviews of the full image, and I would need to write more code to do the resizing on each subview and handle the edges correctly.  

This seems like it would be a common usage pattern and hence already done by someone else...  Is there some other useful bit of vxl that I'm missing?  I somewhat expected to find a vil_cached_image_view that would load blocks on-demand.  This would be compatible with all the existing algorithms, at the cost of efficiency, of course.

Also, sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find any way to search the mailing list archives..



Tyler Daniel
Rosette Research