Sorry, I apparently forgot about that.
I was not able to test the other two patches, since I don't have the necessary infrastructure, but if that's fine with everybody I'll just apply them and commit to SVN.
-- Peter.

Från: Sean McBride <>
Skickat: onsdag, 18 april 2012 2:46
Ämne: Re: [Vxl-users] [PATCH] fix for compiler errors with clang with C++11

It seems you applied the first part of my patch, thanks!
What about the other two parts?  Did you have a chance to review them?

>Attached is a patch that fixes compiler errors building vxl as C++11 (with clang).
>3 changes:
>- replace a -1 with UINT_MAX
>- conditionalize a Mac OS X 10.4 hack to be done only if using the 10.4 headers
>- in C++11 only, implement math wrappers like vnl_math_isnan using std::isnan (new in C++11)
>I tested this only on OS X 10.7 with clang, but the changes are straightforward.  Please review.

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