Matt writes:
> I hope we can get to the point where a release candidate branch is
> automatically tested on the dashboards while other branches are tested
> that contain ongoing development.  At that point, making a new stable
> release is much more mechanical.  If we get to that point I can
> volunteer to make the stable releases. 

Actually, we could have done (or do) this also with CVS or svn;
we've never used that possibility of CVS nor of svn, which is one of the reasons why I don't expect git will bring enough new useful features for vxl.

But, in response to Matt's remark on developer's responsibility:
completely agree with this.
Also the idea of creating branches containing "bleeding edge" versions of the source code, next to a stable main branch, seems like a good idea to incorporate into vxl.
And will indeed help a lot in creating regular "tarball" stable distributions.

--      Peter.