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International Journal for Computation Vision and Biomechanics
Announcement and First Call for papers





Title: International Journal for Computation Vision and Biomechanics

ISSN: 0973-6778

Subject: Computational Vision and Biomechanics

Frequency: 2 issues per year

Start date: First trimester of 2007



Dear Colleague,


It is a pleasure to announce the new International Journal for Computation Vision and Biomechanics (IJCV&B) and its first call for papers.


Actually the research related with simulation of biomechanical structures has been a source of hard work in several distinct areas of science as, for example, mathematics, mechanical, physics, informatics and medicine.

The numerical simulation applied to living structures is one of the most promising areas of research. However, for its successful, several topics related with geometric modelling, numerical modelling, biomechanics, material models for living tissues, experimental methodologies, mechanobiology, etc., and their application on Clinical Environments must be developed and much more investigation is needed.


The main goal of the International Journal for Computational Vision and Biomechanics consists in the provision of a comprehensive forum for discussion on the current state-of-the-art in these fields.


It is an honour to invite you to submit your work to be published in the International Journal for Computational Vision and Biomechanics. We are sure that your published work in the IJCV&B will soon bring the Journal to a desired standard.


For further details, including Aims & Scope and instructions for manuscripts, the Editors invite you to visit the website of IJCV&B at: www.fe.up.pt/~ijcvb.



Editorial Board:


Adelino F. Leite-Moreira, Portugal

Alejandro Frangi, Spain

Ana Mafalda Reis, Portugal

Andrew Pullan, New Zealand

Begoña Calvo Calzada, Spain

Bernard Gosselin, Belgium

Chandrajit Bajaj , USA

Christos E. Constantinou, USA

Dinggang Shen  , USA

Eduardo Borges Pires, Portugal

Eugenio Oñate, Spain

Francisco Perales, Spain

Gerald Schaefer, UK

Gerhard A. Holzapfel, Sweden

Hélder Araújo, Portugal

Hélder C. Rodrigues, Portugal

Hemerson Pistori, Brazil

Ioannis A. Kakadiaris, USA

Isaac Cohen, USA

J. Paulo Vilas-Boas, Portugal

Jan Koenderink, The Netherlands

João M. C. S. Abrantes, Portugal

Jorge A. C. Ambrósio, Portugal

Jorge M. G. Barbosa, Portugal

Jorge S. Marques, Portugal

José António Simões, Portugal

Jose M. García Aznar, Spain

Juan J. Villanueva, Spain

Laurent Cohen, France

Manuel Doblaré , Spain

Manuel González Hidalgo, Spain

Manuel Laranjeira, Portugal

Marcos Pinotti Barbosa, Brazil

Mario Forjaz Secca, Portugal

Nicolai Petkov, The Netherlands

Patrick Dubois, France

Patrick J. Prendergast, Ireland

Paulo Rui Fernandes, Portugal

Petia Radeva, Spain

Rainald Lohner, USA

Rania F. El Sayed, Egypt

Sónia I. Gonçalves-Verheij, The Netherlands

Teresa Mascarenhas, Portugal

Thomas J. R. Hughes, USA

Valentin Brimkov, USA

Yongjie Zhang, USA



We would appreciate if you could distribute this information by your colleagues and co-workers.



With kind regards,


João Manuel R. S. Tavares, University of Porto, Portugal (tavares@fe.up.pt)

R. M. Natal Jorge, University of Porto (rnatal@fe.up.pt)

(co-editors of IJCV&B)



You can obtain a (PDF) Poster of IJCV&B: www.fe.up.pt/~ijcvb/Files/IJCV&B_Poster.pdf;

a (PDF) Bookmark: www.fe.up.pt/~ijcvb/Files/IJCV&B_Bookmark.pdf;

the logo at: www.fe.up.pt/~ijcvb/Files/IJCV&B_Logo.gif;

and this (PDF) document at: www.fe.up.pt/~ijcvb/Files/IJCV&B_Call.pdf.