Hi Paul and others, 

I have taken one small step before towards this direction: vbl_array_2d<T> and vbl_array_3d<T> had been fixed with size_t as the indexing type. 

However, as I started to think about what needs to be done inside vil and vnl, the answer is unclear to me.  I am going to take vil_image_view<T>  as an example and hope it would open up the discussion. 

Inside vil_image_view<T>,  I believe the top_left_ pointer, vil_memory_chunk, and the steps are all properly typed on 64 bit systems.   Only the indices to i, j and plane are currently 32-bit unsigned integers and may need a "upgrade". 

Is it worthy to have the indices "upgraded" to 64-bit integers?  On one hand,  such a change does not seem to bring forth any practical advantages.  Or at least I am unaware of it.  Unlike std::vector<T> which may contain more than 4 billion (roughly 2^32) elements,  I have not yet seen any images that have billion of pixels per dimension.  The number is at most millions, which is far below the limit of a 32-bit unsigned integer. (I would like to stress this is per dimension measurement.  The whole image may contain billions of pixels or beyond).  

If we "upgrade" the indices to 64-bit unsigned integers, we effectively waste some space (but it may not be a serious problem on 64-bit systems).  If we do not "upgrade", we save the space but may pay a small penalty for accessing a pixel as it converts 32-bit integer to 64-bit one each time. 
I am okay with either solution. I just think the community shall be aware of the problem, make a decision and then move forth.

Best regards,
Gehua Yang
DualAlign LLC

On Dec 3, 2010, at 6:00 PM, Paul Smyth wrote:

Hi all,
Were increasingly using vxl (mostly vnl/vil) in a 64 bit Windows and Linux environment, and are repeatedly running into problems associated with the use of unsigned int rather than size_t for indexing into matrices, vectors, images etc., as this produces warnings absolutely everywhere we have used size_t as an indexing type (it is the type of std::vector<T>::size() ), and then use that to then index into a vnl/vil type.
Would it be unreasonable if we ported at least vnl & vil to use size_t in place of unsigned int?
Additionally, there are quite a few situations where (signed) int is used for indexing, in which case more care is required porting to size_t, as there is the possibility of the signed-ness being used: e.g. for(int i = v.size()-1; i  >= 0; --i)  {lookup v[i] } // loop through vector in reverse.
Wed like to sort out as many of those as possible, without causing too much risk. Opinions?
Cheers, Paul Smyth.
Vicon Motion Systems Ltd.

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