I agree. The GPL license does not restrict commercial use but it does require copy left so that the commercial source code using GPL code becomes free software. We want to keep VXL non-GPL so that commercial users can feel free to incorporate the libraries in their products or services involving their proprietary code without concern. So hopefully there is no GPL code in VXL. If so it will be removed. The point of the BUILD_NONCOMMERCIAL is to allow some code that is restricted to non-commercial use in VXL to be inadvertently used for commercial purposes. The GPL case below shouldn’t apply to VXL or to the BUILD_NONCOMMERCIAL switch.



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I think we need to differentiate here the difference in a non-commercial use restriction and the use of GPL code.  As fas as I know there is no restriction with GPL code to using it for commercial purposes, only that source code still needs to be made available.  The specific code in question, however, is explicitly licensed for non-commercial use only regardless of whether the code for the given product is made available or not.  These are 2 different conditions and I don't think it's appropriate to lump them together.

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On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 8:31 AM, <peter@vanroose.be> wrote:

Joe Mundy wrote:
> Ok, so let's go with

The goal of this new setting is to avoid that people who want to build a commercial application using vxl, won't by accident use
GPL (or similar) source code. So by default, this setting must be ON.
The C++ source will thus need a
around GPL code.

So I see a disadvantage with this solution: people who build the code *without* any setting (e.g. because they don't use CMake, or
and old version of the generated makefiles, or whatever) will accidentally *include* the GPL code!

Therefore, if indeed BUILD_COMMERCIAL should be the default --which is to be overridden only *on purpose*-- shouldn't we
preferably use something like
as a CMake setting, which is then of course *not* set by default? In that case, the conditioning around GPL code would instead

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