Did someone mention matlab?


Currently I work almost entirely within matlab, but most of my processing and algorithms are written in vxl.  So I can do things like this:


>> % load an image using vil

>> im = vil_loadimage( “animage.bmp” );

>> % run a harris corner detector on it

>> corners = vsl_harris( im );


What makes this worthwhile and really fun is that I now have command-line vxl.  In general, CV involves a sequence of calls to algorithms which are themselves rather processing-intensive.  That’s why we code in C(++).  But research (hacking) dictates that we might want to see what is going on between the function calls:


>> % display image and check that the harris has worked correctly

>> image(im);

>> plot(corners(:,1), corners(:,2), ‘.’);


For the matlab enthusiasts, I probably don’t need to preach the benefits of this type of thing.  For non-matlab lovers, I don’t imagine I’ll every persuade anyone.


As a further taster:


>> % edge detect the image

>> edges = vsl_canny( im )

>> % transform all the edges using matlab calls (.m functions)

>> for i=1:length(edges);edges{i} = transform_edge( edges{i}); end

>> % display edges

>> hold on;

>> for i=1:length(edges);plot_edge(edges{i},’r’);end


I’ve coded interfaces for most of vnl (including things like vnl_levenberg_marquardt, which is faster than the matlab native minimizer), vsl and vil.  It’s very easy.  How about an agenda item on this, and the possibility of future releases of vxl including a toolbox for matlab?  This would probably sell vxl better than just about anything else…







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Karen requested several new items so here is the next iteration



Revised agenda:


8:30 AM   Dial in

8:30 AM   Introductions (Brief review of each person’s interest in/use of VXL)

8:45 AM   VIL(MIL) - Ian Scott/Andrew Fitzgibbon

10:30 AM VNL issues (Perhaps Bill Hoffman would dial in at this point)

11:00 AM Library Promotion

                    VGUI (Perhaps Karen McGaul will dial in here)

                    Manchester Libraries


11:45 AM Is Oxford’s XCV interface to MatLab of general interest?

12:00 PM Lunch

  1:00 PM Discussion on VIDL codec plans

  1:15 PM Image Processing (AWFIPL?)

  2:00 PM Plans for V1.0 (Testing, Doc etc)

  3:00 PM Relation to ITK/VTK (Perhaps Bill Lorensen or Jim Miller would dial in here)






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