I am trying to get bootstrapped with VXL – I have built the code on Windows XP and am now beginning to experiment.  My starting point is the dense_matcher_full application which closely approximates the task that I am trying to accomplish with VXL.  However, it assert’s in a way that is quite puzzling, as I cannot see how the program could have ever run without this assertion firing.


I know this is a bit obtuse; but the bottom line is that I can’t see how this program (dense_matcher_full) could ever work under any circumstances.

Has anyone gotten this app to successfully generate a disparity image?  Here’s the obtuse details:


I start this example from the command line like this:


          dense_matcher_full left.bmp right.bmp out.bmp


Stepping through the source shows me that the code attempts to call the functions



vsrl_stereo_dense_matcher::set_correlation_range (10);




But the first thing that takes place inside ::execute is a call to vsrl_image_correlation::initial_calculations() which calls compute_correlation() which in turn will assert quite obviously (at vrsl_image_correlation.cxx, line 160) if the correlation_range_ member of the vrsl_image_correlation object is greater than zero.


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