Thanks Ian,
I have tried VTK examples and I could only see 3D examples but I am only interested in 2d image processing. Are you sure VTK is better package for 2D image processing?
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VTK is a visualisation toolkit. It helps you go from semantic descriptions to images. It is very rich in functionality.
VXL is a set of computer vision libraries. It helps you go from images to semantic descriptions. It has a certain sparseness both by design, and because functionality is usually only available when a developer has their own need for it.
VTK is maintained by one commercial company, VXL by volunteers (some of whom work for commercial companies).
VXL has much more general numerical support than VTK. VTK has more image processing support, although I believe it is a little less general.
People use VXL for object detection research.
For more detail read the VXL and VTK books.
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I noticed that in the maillist of VXL people mentioned VTK several times. Who can tell their common and difference briefly?
I have a job to do standard image processing like load, create, change and save image. filter and convolve image, do statistics histogram on image, visual enhance for a image. Which package is better for me?
Later I will expend my task to object detection on a image. Which is better for that?
Fei Li