To save as a strict .mat file (as opposed to ascii, which I don’t think supports 3D matrices), you’re going to have to link against matlab.  There have been various posts recently on this mailing list about how to do that.


However: Given the recent requests for this, and the fact that I volunteered a while ago to do some matlab-vxl stuff, I’m going to volunteer to write this over the weekend and submit it.  Can whoever said they had written a FindMatlab.cmake script please send me a copy?






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Monday, January 20, 2003 11:34 PM
Subject: [Vxl-users] 3D matrices


Hi everybody,


can someone help me with the following problem? J

I need to use 3D matrices (matrices with 3 indices), like those in MATLAB. A predefined class in VNL doesn’t exist so I’m using a vcl_vector of vnl_matrix.

Now the problem is that I would like to save these vcl_vector of vnl_matrix in a *.mat file as three dimensional MATLAB matrices.

Can you suggest me how to do that? Do you have a more efficient implementation of 3D matrices (average dimension: 50x50x2000 double) ?

Many many thanks