It looks like Tim and I will both be coming.
we can make either date mentioned below, but the 14th Oct is preferable.
Ian Scott.
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Dear all,
our initial information for finding a suitable date has obviously been to imprecise. Due to constraints
a number of people have it will not be possible to organize the meeting on the initially proposed date.
The only alternative date the people at the Lodge could give me is
                                   14. Oct (arrival in the eventing) - 17. Oct (departure in the morning)
Another date people favoured is 
                                   1. Oct (arrival in the evening) - 4. Oct (departure in the morning)
Please note that it will be difficult to find accomodation for this date. You would have to provide me 
with a upper limit on the price (per person per night). Worst coming to the worst you will have to deal 
with wonderful Schenectady.  
So please contact me again and state
    - which of the above dates are feasible for you
    - what are the constraints on prices