Dear All,

We are moving ahead with the VXL meeting this Friday.  The meeting will be held in the following location:


Barus and Holley Bldg., Room 312        

Brown University                                  

Providence, RI   

My number is                                   



I enclose a map of the campus (the map may come eventually- the original version of this message was blocked by the vxl postman since the message was too large).  Note that Barus and Holley is at the intersection of Manning and Hope streets.


For those of you that are dialing in, Fred Wheeler of GE has generously provided the following service:


Sprint Personal Conferencing


800-830-0630 (from the outside)

8*659-6546 (this is an internal GE number)


Participant Code: 16981#


An initial agenda:


8:30 AM   Dial in

8:30 AM   Introductions (Brief review of each person’s interest in/use of VXL)

8:45 AM   VIL(MIL) - Ian Scott/Andrew Fitzgibbon

10:30 AM VNL issues (Perhaps Bill Hoffman would dial in at this point)

11:00 AM Library Promotion

                    VGUI (Perhaps Karen McGaul will dial in here)

                    Manchester Libraries


12:00 PM Lunch

  1:00 PM Image Processing (AWFIPL?)

  2:00 PM Plans for V1.0 (Testing, Doc etc)

  3:00 PM Relation to ITK/VTK (Perhaps Bill Lorensen or Jim Miller would dial in here)