I don't know how to get those files to work correctly. pstopnm produces an empty pnm file.
With the verbose option, we get the following output (still with an empty pnm file)
clue_rbt@paine:~/doc_vxl/vxl/Doxy/html/books/core> pstopnm -verbose -portrait -stdout ../../../../core/doc/book/polygon-scan.eps

pstopnm: Input file is ../../../../core/doc/book/polygon-scan.eps
pstopnm: Using %%BoundingBox statement from input.
pstopnm: Extracting the box ((0,0),(540,300))
pstopnm: With borders, extracted box is ((-54,-30),(594,330))
pstopnm: Writing ppmraw file
pstopnm: Shell command: gs -sDEVICE='ppmraw' -sOutputFile='-' -g'612x340' -r'68x68' -q -dNOPAUSE -
pstopnm: Postscript prefix command: '-54 neg -30 neg translate'

If someone (Peter) knows how and wants to fix the .eps files in vgl so that pstopnm can read them, please do.
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I just noticed that the figures are not displaying in the book chapter on vgl.  I seem to remember there was some hacking by Peter needed to get them up and running the first time.  Has something changed?




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