Dear All,

Having heard no objections, we will remove the vcsl core library. Currently, it is just a set of interface classes with minimal implementation.

Also I will be moving vpgl (the photogrammetry library ) to core. This move was discussed last year when Cornell installed bundler into vxl. vpgl currently resides in contrib/mrc/vpgl. That library (and sub-libraries) will be removed. We will make sure that all contrib libraries in the repository build without errors due to the change. The vpgl/algo that makes it into core is streamlined to have fewer more mature algorithms. The other vpgl algorithms and other sub-libraries will be moved to brl/bbas/bvgl/algo so they won't be lost.

A few of the existing classes and algorithms in vpgl and vpgl/algo such as radial distortion classes, should be in core, but it will be up to Matt Leotta to document them in the vpgl book and move them up, if he has time. Also, Matt had bundle adjustment classes in vpgl/algo, but there is now an extensive bundle adjustment library (bundler) in cul (Cornell), so Matt's code was moved to bvgl/algo. It is planned to carry out these moves next Thursday, so the dashboard will likely be very red for a few days after. Hopefully everything will be back to normal by the following Monday.