Here is the proposed block interface for vil_image_resource.

The following is a slight renaming of Bob Radtke’s nift2_image_resource interface to be more consistent with vil conventions.


  //: Block size in columns

  virtual unsigned size_block_i() const;


  //: Block size in rows

  virtual unsigned size_block_j() const;


  //: Number of blocks in image width

  virtual unsigned n_block_i() const;


  //: Number of blocks in image height

  virtual unsigned n_block_j() const;

  //: Block access

   virtual  vil_image_view_base_sptr get_block( unsigned int block_index_i,

                                                                        unsigned int block_index_j ) const;


   virtual void get_blocks( unsigned int start_block_i, unsigned int end_block_i,

                                       unsigned int start_block_j, unsigned int end_block_j,

                                       vcl_vector< vcl_vector< vil_image_view_base_sptr > >& blocks ) const;




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