Dear All,

The vil image library does not currently recognize blocked images. For example TIFF6.0 extends the concept of  “strips” to allow general rectangular “tiles”.  The NITF2.0 and 2.1 file formats also provides blocking.  Indeed, the vil_nitf2_image class has the following methods:

  unsigned int get_pixels_per_block_x() const;

  unsigned int get_pixels_per_block_y() const;

  unsigned int get_num_blocks_x() const;

  unsigned int get_num_blocks_y() const;


I plan to extend vil_tiff  to handle blocks as well. Should we have block parameters and methods on vil_image_resource/view or should there be a sub-class of these that supports blocking?  Also the get_... should be removed in the new block method names according to our vxl coding standards.



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