Dear VXL community,

I have been thinking that it would be useful to have a third category of libraries which are jointly supported but not with the same goals as the core libraries, which are foundational.  For the moment let’s call them “public” libraries.  These libraries would implement broadly useful and universally accepted applications such as the Canny edge detector and the Kanade-Lucas-Tommasi feature tracker.  Such base applications form the building blocks for larger applications such as video object recognition being developed in the contrib and private VXL libraries.  


Some example topics for the public libraries:

Computational geometry

Image processing

Image segmentation

          Point detection

          Edge detection

          Region detection


          Camera calibration

          Projective reconstruction


I think you get the idea…  These are of shared interest across most vxl communities and by putting them in a public space, we can collaborate on bug-fixing and improving the algorithms.  Useful for teaching as well..



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