Brendan wonders if vgui can be in the core if it depends on other core libraries, i.e., vil.  In my view such dependencies are ok.  That is, there are two classes of core libraries: really basic and independently useful functions, with vnl as a prime example; and developer-recommended application libraries like vidl and vgui.  Care should be taken to reduce dependencies even in the second case but there is no point in rewriting basic functionality just to remove dependence. 


I am conflicted about the use of vgl in vgui.  At the moment the interface to vgui_easy2D_tableau is very simple.  On the other hand it would be convenient to support easy viewing of vgl classes.  Maybe the answer is alternative tableaux, e.g., vgui_vgl_tableau, a sub-class of vgui_easy2D_tableau?




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