--- a/config/cmake/Modules/readme.txt
+++ b/config/cmake/Modules/readme.txt
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 This directory should only contain FindXXX.cmake modules and other CMake configuration files specific to VXL.
 In particular it should contain specialised files to deal with the libraries provided in v3p.
-If you want to add a new Module or functionality, check that it isn't already provided in the current version of CMake.
-Then add it to NewCMake/FindXXX.cmake. Make sure that it fits the format used for example by FindQt.cmake. The file Modules/readme.txt in the CMake CVS source is another good guide to use when creating new Modules. As well as
-putting it in the VXL repository, submit it to the CMake repository so that it will appear in the next version. You can
-email it to cmake@public.kitware.com.
+In the past the this directory and NewCMake were used to store FindXXX.cmake modules
+that were not yet available from CMake. Initially VXL needed many more FindXXX.cmake modules, (or several vastly
+better written modules) than were available from CMake. Now however, CMake provides all the module files needed
+by VXL, and has access to many more bug reports for its module files than VXL has.
+It no longer makes any sense in all but a few rare and temporary cases for VXL to attempt to maintain ordinary
+module files. Trying to maintain parallel copies in VXL and CMake is unnecessary and difficult work.
+If the CMake provided module file is buggy then please submit a fix to CMake at cmake@www.cmake.org
+If you need a new FindXXX.cmake file for your private code, then please do not add it to VXL. You
+can submit it to CMake at cmake@www.cmake.org
+If you are adding some new functionality to VXL and you need a third party library, (and VXL-maintainers agrees
+that VXL can depend on this additional library) then you can temporarily add the file to the NewCMake subdirectory.
+Please also submit it to CMake at cmake@www.cmake.org, and delete it from the VXL repository when the next
+version of CMake is widely available.