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Place GitSetup content in scripts/gitsetup

Add scripts/gitsetup/ directory using content from the
Kitware general GitSetup repository "setup" branch.

Brad King Brad King 2013-04-23

renamed .gitattributes -> scripts/gitsetup/.gitattributes
renamed LICENSE -> scripts/gitsetup/LICENSE
renamed NOTICE -> scripts/gitsetup/NOTICE
renamed README -> scripts/gitsetup/README
renamed config.sample -> scripts/gitsetup/config.sample
renamed git-gerrit-push -> scripts/gitsetup/git-gerrit-push
renamed setup-gerrit -> scripts/gitsetup/setup-gerrit
renamed setup-hooks -> scripts/gitsetup/setup-hooks
renamed setup-sourceforge -> scripts/gitsetup/setup-sourceforge
renamed setup-ssh -> scripts/gitsetup/setup-ssh
renamed setup-stage -> scripts/gitsetup/setup-stage
renamed setup-user -> scripts/gitsetup/setup-user
renamed tips -> scripts/gitsetup/tips
LICENSE to scripts/gitsetup/LICENSE
File was renamed.
NOTICE to scripts/gitsetup/NOTICE
File was renamed.
README to scripts/gitsetup/README
File was renamed.
setup-ssh to scripts/gitsetup/setup-ssh
File was renamed.
tips to scripts/gitsetup/tips
File was renamed.

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