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--- a/scripts/doxy/data/library_list.txt
+++ b/scripts/doxy/data/library_list.txt
@@ -139,13 +139,15 @@
 contrib/brl/bbas bugl   bugl_   build contrib/gel/vdgl core/vnl core/vgl core/vbl
 contrib/brl/bbas btol   btol_   build contrib/brl/bbas/bsol contrib/gel/vtol core/vbl
 contrib/brl/bbas bxml   bxml_   build contrib/brl/bbas/bdgl core/vbl
+contrib/brl/bbas bsta   bsta_   build core/vnl/algo core/vbl
 contrib/brl/bbas vidl2  vidl2_  build contrib/brl/bbas/vidl2 core/vil core/vul
-contrib/brl/bseg bmrf   bmrf_   build contrib/gel/vtol contrib/gel/gevd core/vnl core/vil core/vgl core/vsl core/vbl
-contrib/brl/bbas bgui   bgui_   build contrib/brl/bseg/bmrf contrib/brl/bbas/btol core/vgui
+contrib/brl/bbas bgui   bgui_   build contrib/brl/bbas/btol core/vgui
+contrib/brl/bbas bgui3d bgui3d_ build core/vgui contrib/gel/mrc/vpgl core/vnl/algo
 contrib/brl/bseg brip   brip_   build contrib/brl/bbas/bsol core/vil1 core/vil core/vbl
 contrib/brl/bseg sdet   sdet_   build contrib/brl/bseg/brip contrib/brl/bbas/btol core/vil1
 contrib/brl/bseg vpro   vpro_   build contrib/brl/bseg/sdet core/vidl_vil1
 contrib/brl/bseg strk   strk_   build contrib/brl/bseg/vpro
+contrib/brl/bseg bbgm   bbgm_   build contrib/brl/bbas/bsta/algo core/vil core/vsl
 contrib/brl      vvid   vvid_   build contrib/brl/bbas/bgui contrib/brl/bseg/strk
 contrib/brl/bmvl bcal   bcal_   build contrib/gel/vsol core/vcsl
 contrib/brl/bmvl brct   brct_   build contrib/brl/bseg/sdet contrib/brl/bbas/bugl

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