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     <h1>Submitting a <a href="http://vxl.sourceforge.net/"><img alt="VXL" src="logo1-quant.gif" border="0"/></a> build to the dashboard</h1>
-<a href="#setup">[Setup]</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
-<a href="#unix">[Unix]</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
-<a href="#windows">[Windows]</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
-<h2><a name="setup">Setup</a></h2>
+Follow the instructions below to contribute a submission to the
+<a href="http://www.cdash.org/CDash/index.php?project=vxl">vxl quality dashboard</a>.
-<li> Obtain and install <a href="http://public.kitware.com/Dart/">Dart</a> from KitWare. Call the installation directory $DART. </li>
-<li> Checkout the VXL source tree into $VXLSRC. Checking out as anonymous is fine. Due to Dart implementation details, each build will need its own source tree. </li>
-<li> Create the binary directory $VXLBIN. </li>
-<li> Run the initial CMake: <pre>   cd $VXLBIN &amp;&amp; cmake -DDART_ROOT:PATH=$DART $VXLSRC</pre> </li>
+<li> Create a directory to house dashboard builds (e.g. <code>~/Dashboards</code> or <code>c:\Dashboards</code>):
+     <pre>
+     $ mkdir ~/Dashboards
+     $ cd ~/Dashboards</pre>
-You will need to have Tcl installed your machine, since Dart is
-written in Tcl. Make sure the cache $VXLBIN/CMakeCache.txt has an
-entry for TCL_SH.
+<li> Check out the vxl testing scripts:
+     <pre>
+     $ svn co https://vxl.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/vxl/trunk/config/cmake/ctest-scripts vxl-scripts
+     $ ls vxl-scripts
+     dash_example.cmake  vxl_common.cmake</pre>
+<li> Copy and edit the example script to suit your configuration:
+     <pre>
+     $ cp vxl-scripts/dash_example.cmake vxl-scripts/my_vxl_dashboard.cmake
+     $ $EDITOR vxl-scripts/my_vxl_dashboard.cmake</pre>
+     It might look like this:
+     <pre>
+     set(CTEST_SITE "mylinuxbox.myinstitution")
+     set(CTEST_BUILD_NAME "Linux-gcc")
+     set(CTEST_CMAKE_GENERATOR "Unix Makefiles")
+     include(${CTEST_SCRIPT_DIRECTORY}/vxl_common.cmake)</pre>
+     The script you create configures local details.
+     Most work is done by the <code>vxl_common.cmake</code> script it includes.
-<h2><a name="unix">Building on Unix</a></h2>
-<li> Update Dart via cvs: <pre>   cd $DART &amp;&amp; cvs update -Pd</pre> </li>
-<li> Clean the binary directory: <pre>   cd $VXLBIN &amp;&amp; make clean</pre>
-     or, even cleaner, <pre>   rm -rf $VXLBIN/* &amp;&amp; cd $VXLBIN &amp;&amp; cmake -DDART_ROOT:PATH=$DART $VXLSRC</pre> </li>
-<li> Build.  <pre>   tclsh $DART/Source/Client/DashboardManager.tcl DartConfiguration.tcl Nightly Start Update Configure Build Test Submit</pre> </li>
-<h2><a name="windows">Building on Windows</a></h2>
-<li> Update Dart. </li>
-<li> Build: <pre>   cd $VXLBIN
-   tclsh $DART/Source/Client/DashboardManager.tcl DartConfiguration.tcl Nightly Start Update Configure Build Test Submit</pre> </li>
+<li> Create a scheduled task (windows) or cron-job (unix) that runs the script with ctest.
+     The command line should be something like
+     <pre>
+     ctest -S ~/Dashboards/vxl-scripts/my_vxl_dashboard.cmake -V > ~/Dashboards/vxl-scripts/my_vxl_dashboard.log 2>&1</pre>
+     For nightly builds, the job should run at some time after 11pm Eastern.
+     See the <a href="http://www.cmake.org/Wiki/CMake_Scripting_Of_CTest#Setting_Up_Cron.2FScheduler">CTest Wiki</a>
+     for help configuring scheduled tasks.

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