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+  <head>
+    <title>Install VXL 1.0.0 release</title>
+  </head>
+  <body bgcolor=white>
+  <a href="http://vxl.sourceforge.net/" border="0"><span style="position: absolute; left: 1005; top: 16"><img ALT="VXL" src="logo1-quant.gif" align=right border=0
+     width="128" height="48"></span></a>
+  <h1>VXL Build Frequently Asked Questions&nbsp;
+  </h1>
+  <ol>
+    <li>
+      <blockquote><p>I have successfully built VXL under MS Visual Studio, and am now trying to build a simple
+    program that uses the libraries. The Linker complains that there are multiple definitions (error
+        <code>LNK2005</code>)
+    of several things from the C++ Standard Library. What is going wrong?</p>
+      </blockquote>
+      <p>These kinds of errors often indicate that you are linking against different C++ run-time libraries that you
+      compiled VXL with (release vs debug, static vs DLL stdlib, etc). The flags like
+      <code> /MP</code> and <code> /MD</code> much match exactly,
+      in VXL's build and your program's build. These flags are set in Visual Studio under
+      Settings->C/C++->Code Generation->Use run-time library.</p>
+      <p>The easiest way to link against these projects, we've found, is to use CMake for your project too.
+      CMake will then make sure the flags match, or else will give you an error or warning.</p>
+    </li>
+    <li>
+      <blockquote>
+        <p>I followed the VXL installation documentation, but found that some of the entries in the
+        <code>
+        CMakeCache.txt</code> file say that CMake could not find programs, paths, etc. Is this a problem?&nbsp;</p>
+      </blockquote>
+      <p>    No. VXL needs very little to build correctly (only a C/C++ compiler at worst), however it can make use of
+  various system provided libraries, rather than build its own versions. CMake also looks for lots of system tools
+  so that it can understand the environment it is in. So having lots of <code> NOTFOUND</code> entries is quite normal. There is
+  no need to worry unless CMake displays a warning or error message while it runs.</p>
+      </li>
+    <li>
+      <blockquote>
+  <p>I used CMake to create a MSVC project with <code>BUILD_SHARED_LIBRARY=ON</code>. But when I try to build, it gives message
+  &quot;<code>cannot open
+  vcl.lib</code>&quot;. What's wrong?&nbsp;</p>
+      </blockquote>
+      <p>    The CMake "Shared Library" feature doesn't work with MSVC. You have to use static libraries. This is mostly
+  due to MSVC's requirements to have either a complete list of every exportable identifier or a decoration of every
+  identifier in the code. We are too lazy (or appalled at this "feature") to try to fix this. If you absolutely need
+  DLLs you can build your code using
+  Cygwin, which can produce shared libraries in a "normal" manner. Alternatively, if you only want to export a small
+  number of classes or functions, then you can manually list them. See the MSVC tool documentation for further
+  details.</li>
+  </ol>
+    <address>
+<font color="#0000ff">vxl-maintainers at
+    lists dot sourceforge dot net</font>
+  </body>

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