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VXE (Virtual eXecuting Environment) is an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). It protects Linux servers from hacker attacks from network, etc. It protects software subsystems, such as: SMTP, HTTP and any other subsystem, already installed at the server.

First VXE version was released in 1999. First public referece was in linuxfocus.org http://www.linuxfocus.org/English/January2000/article133.shtml

Historic web page is http://vxe.quercitron.com/

VXE 1.x versions used last century technologies. It is 21-st century, now and there is still no convenient, easy to use Intrusion Prevention System. Even VXE 1.x had GUI admin interface and self learning mode out of the box.

VXE 2.x is the effort to create high performance, easy to use IPS/VE (Virtual Environment) system.

Main features are:

  • easy to use;
  • variable protection granularity;
  • easy to install (no kernel rebuild is required);
  • native REST API;
  • native Web GUI;
  • microcontainers;
  • environment virtualization (system calls parameters mapping/transformation) (future);

VXE helps in creating microcontainers. Microcontainers isolate small parts of the system. For example, scripts created by user of SaaS system or intances in a multi tenant solution.


Architecture Overview


Administrator's Guide

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