Having trouble connecting to VVV server

  • McoreD

    McoreD - 2012-10-19


    I have been attempting to configure my PCs so that VVV database in my Ubuntu PC can act as the server and my other Windows 7 PCs can connect to it.

    At first, I could not create a fdb in Ubuntu using FlameRobin; the only place I could create it was in:


    After I finally got it working, I made sure the connection works okay in my Ubuntu PC:

    I also tested in my Windows 7 PC:


    However, when I close VVV in my Windows 7 PC and try to open it with the setting: Connect to a server, I get the following error:


    Any assistance would be great to rectify this.

    Mike Delpach (mcored)

  • McoreD

    McoreD - 2012-10-19

    First screenshot is not shown for some reason because I decided to using

  • Fulvio Senore

    Fulvio Senore - 2012-10-20

    It looks like VVV cannot connect to the remote server. Usually this is a problem with the server configuration.

    Try to open a catalog or another Firebird database stored in the server using FlameRobin from a Windows computer. If you cannot do it you need to check the server settings.
    Firebird uses port 3050 so you need to configure the firewall accordingly.

  • Fulvio Senore

    Fulvio Senore - 2012-10-23

    It might be a permission problem: maybe the server process cannot open the database file.
    IIRC the server runs as the "firebird" user that is created when you install the server.
    Please check that the firebird user has read and write access to the catalog file. You might try to temporarily grant full access to the file and the folder to everyone just to see if it fixes the problem.


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