Integrating large reject/block lists?


  • Anonymous

    I have been using an old (now unmaintained) script called "IpKungFu" - so long I've forgotten how it works really.  I use its anti-hacking rules, but more importantly I have a huge set of abusive IPs that are blocked in INPUT and FORWARD that I would want to carry over to a new fw like this.  What's the easiest way to do this - or do I just load up a script and input those addresses at startup.

  • Victor Julien
    Victor Julien

    The Vuurmuur blocklist isn't really suited for this. Ideally you'd be using ipset. Vuurmuur doesn't integrate this (interested in adding support, but don't hold your breath). It would be fairly easy to set up your own ipset config and integrate that with Vuurmuur using the "chain" feature.