Commit Date  
[r346] by wsgrah

Scripts for nightly builds

2008-02-26 22:16:59 Tree
[r345] by wsgrah

Added +x to

2008-02-26 18:20:47 Tree
[r344] by wsgrah

finish cleaning up import directory...

2008-02-21 22:11:38 Tree
[r343] by wsgrah

Added a jar to tag task

2008-02-21 22:06:39 Tree
[r342] by asnagy

fixed errors in searching reported by Lei Wang

2008-02-20 16:29:03 Tree
[r341] by asnagy

added no-cache header parameter - thanks to Joel Timothy Norman

2008-02-20 16:23:35 Tree
[r340] by wsgrah

Updated the ant build scripts

2008-02-14 15:14:45 Tree
[r339] by asnagy

cleaned up code

2008-02-13 22:16:34 Tree
[r338] by asnagy

finished up place hold

2008-02-13 22:14:56 Tree
[r337] by asnagy

fixed Hold link

2008-02-13 22:09:59 Tree
[r336] by asnagy

fixed error with getMoreLikeThis

2008-02-13 21:50:52 Tree
[r335] by asnagy

fixed parse error

2008-02-13 16:50:17 Tree
[r334] by wsgrah

Small fix for null subfield a in the call number field

2008-02-12 19:33:47 Tree
[r333] by asnagy

Implemented Place Hold/Recall service

2008-02-11 23:27:02 Tree
[r332] by asnagy

fixed last commit

2008-02-11 20:17:45 Tree
[r331] by asnagy

modified mod_rewrite rules to be more forgiving

2008-02-11 20:04:07 Tree
[r330] by asnagy

fixed getHoldings - thanks to Adam Brin for the notice

2008-02-11 20:02:54 Tree
[r329] by asnagy

fixed php notices

2008-02-11 17:28:00 Tree
[r328] by asnagy

fixed page title

2008-02-11 17:27:40 Tree
[r327] by asnagy

added default language configuration

2008-02-11 17:27:13 Tree
[r326] by asnagy

fixed minor code problems

2008-02-11 17:26:39 Tree
[r325] by asnagy

updated page title tag data

2008-02-11 17:01:52 Tree
[r324] by asnagy

implemented hold system

2008-02-11 17:00:53 Tree
[r323] by asnagy

added coins configuration options

2008-02-11 17:00:23 Tree
[r322] by asnagy

implemented hold system

2008-02-11 16:59:59 Tree
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