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[r3035] by duspal

Fix for Eoghan

2010-10-07 16:26:25 Tree
[r3034] by demiankatz

Resolving VUFIND-166 using code provided by David K. Uspal; Solr now has a new response handler which can quickly dump out a list of all record IDs. A command-line PHP script (util/sitemap.php) uses this handler in combination with a new config file (web/conf/sitemap.ini) to automatically generate sitemap files.

2010-10-06 16:55:52 Tree
[r3033] by demiankatz

Source for Solr plug-in used to list all IDs from index for easy sitemap generation (courtesy of David K. Uspal). The binary will be included in the VuFind trunk, but the source is kept here outside the trunk so extraneous Java source and build files are not incorporated into future VuFind distributions.

2010-10-06 16:47:09 Tree
[r3032] by demiankatz

Added optional "-p" switch to import-marc scripts to allow manual override of the SolrMarc properties file. Thanks to Casey Boone for contributing the Linux version of the code.

2010-10-05 18:15:54 Tree
[r3031] by demiankatz

Resolved VUFIND-341 by adding configurable options to control default module loaded when logged-in users access the VuFind base URL and the default action loaded in the MyResearch module. Note that this required the creation of a new MyResearch/Favorites action and the updating of several internal links. Thanks to Luke O'Sullivan for providing much of the code used here.

2010-10-05 13:51:49 Tree
[r3030] by demiankatz

Minor bug fix -- prevent "previous page" link from appearing on first page of alphabetical browse results (thanks to Mark Triggs for the patch).

2010-10-01 12:50:35 Tree
[r3029] by demiankatz

Resolved VUFIND-167 (RSS Feature is not really RSS). Now, when record change tracking is enabled, RSS works appropriately.

2010-09-30 17:57:15 Tree
[r3028] by demiankatz parameter has been deprecated -- resolving VUFIND-334 (thanks to Albert Bertram).

2010-09-30 16:37:31 Tree
[r3027] by demiankatz

Resolved VUFIND-321 (Add Windows support for alphabetic browse module). Note that this required the creation of a new command-line PHP utility script to deduplicate lines in a file, since Windows does not provide a native tool to achieve this functionality.

2010-09-30 15:41:11 Tree
[r3026] by demiankatz

Added support for record change tracking (disabled by default); this is an updated version of the patch from VUFIND-167, and when enabled, it resolves the OAI-PMH server aspects of VUFIND-117.

2010-09-29 19:53:03 Tree
[r3025] by demiankatz

New SolrMarc binary to fix bugs in database handling.

2010-09-29 19:51:21 Tree
[r3024] by datavoyager

Merge with Trunk

2010-09-29 13:12:01 Tree
[r3023] by demiankatz

Adjusted handling of unstemmed fields in advanced (Lucene) queries to obtain better wildcard results; previously, the ? operator would yield far too few results due to a combination of stemming and quotation marks generated by the onephrase option.

2010-09-29 12:58:58 Tree
[r3022] by datavoyager

Merge with Trunk

2010-09-29 12:58:30 Tree
[r3021] by datavoyager

Merge with Trunk

2010-09-29 12:57:19 Tree
[r3020] by demiankatz

Resolved VUFIND-337 (DefaultSortingByType setting prevents access to relevance sort).

2010-09-28 19:15:46 Tree
[r3019] by demiankatz

Boost exact call number matches higher than fuzzy matches (thanks to Eoghan Ó Carragáin).

2010-09-28 16:46:45 Tree
[r3018] by demiankatz

Updated NewGenLib driver from from Verus Solutions ( -- added "new items" support.

2010-09-28 14:17:34 Tree
[r3017] by demiankatz

Account for deleted records in the change_tracker table; refactored deletion code to reduce redundancy. We may eventually want to add a configurable parameter to disable change tracking for users who do not want it.

2010-09-27 16:12:30 Tree
[r3016] by demiankatz

Updated SolrMarc VuFind binary to eliminate the need for some of the complicated BeanShell infrastructure set up for index date tracking.

2010-09-27 14:34:43 Tree
[r3015] by demiankatz

Prevent non-word characters in filename to reduce chances of problems during harvest.

2010-09-22 17:22:34 Tree
[r3014] by datavoyager

Merge With Trunk

2010-09-22 16:10:29 Tree
[r3013] by datavoyager

Update IP Engine

2010-09-22 16:02:38 Tree
[r3012] by datavoyager

Update IP Engine

2010-09-22 12:17:54 Tree
[r3011] by datavoyager

Update IP Engine

2010-09-22 11:12:32 Tree
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