VuFind 1.4 Released

The final major release in the VuFind 1.x line is now available. VuFind 1.4 includes several significant enhancements: support for hierarchical collections of records, allowing better integration of archival materials and digital repositories; built-in support for running without an Integrated Library System, making VuFind more convenient for non-library uses and offering smarter behavior during temporary ILS outages; the ability to provide custom recommendations to the user when no search results are found; an improved and expanded mobile interface; new index fields allowing VuFind to be used as an article index; optional Clickatell support for text messaging; and several new interface translations: Basque, Catalan, Czech and Russian. Additionally, several bug fixes and minor improvements have been incorporated. The new release can be downloaded at .

Posted by Demian Katz 2013-01-28

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