I think we should just pick a date and stick to it - says the guy who rarely has time to develop on VuFind anymore.  So if you like July 15th, then lets do it!

I reviewed the 1.0 list on JIRA and here is my summary:

I still think RPM and DEB packages would make a huge impact on VuFind and it's adopters and potential adopters.

I think this can be pushed to a later release unless Greg can have this done by the 1.0 release date.

Here are items in the wishlist I'd like to see in the 1.0 release:


If you assign a few tickets to me and give me a deadline - I will do my best to get them done.


On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 9:04 AM, Demian Katz <demian.katz@villanova.edu> wrote:

Hello, everyone.


It seems like we should start planning the release of VuFind 1.0.  I would like to get it out sometime this year, and a mid-July release seems like it might be a good target so that academic users can upgrade in advance of the fall semester.


Release date aside, we also need to discuss the final feature set.  There are currently 16 issues on the 1.0 hit list in JIRA, and quite a few more on the generic wish list.  I'm not convinced that this is really reflective of what we need to do.  The 1.0 list includes some things that may not be necessary (i.e. Greg's outage handling issue, which was presumably entered when he expected to have more time to work on it) and others that may not be technically practical (i.e. RPM/DEB packages, "true" RSS).  It's also entirely possible that there are items on the wishlist that ought to be escalated for 1.0.


I'm also interested to know if anybody is interested in doing some coding to contribute to the 1.0 release.  Development has been relatively quiet since the RC2 release, but I wonder if it will pick up again if we have a target date in mind.  Either way, knowing who plans to be technically involved will be helpful in deciding how to split up the work and how to triage the remaining issues.


So, three basic questions:


1.) Does a 7/15 release date sound reasonable to everyone?  If not, any alternative proposals so we can hold a vote?

2.) Any specific thoughts on the feature set?

3.) Is anyone willing/able to commit to resolving any issues?



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