Harvesting function works, but I encountered a couple of problems.

1. Harvesting default url is using ListRecords, but no setName (collection) info from this URL.

Default URL [url]?verb=ListRecords&metadataPrefix=oai_dc
URL contains setName info [url]?verb=ListSets

for example:
<setName>New York State Maps</setName>

Author in ContenDM: Chaussegro de Léry, Gaspard-Joseph, 1682-1756
Author in Vufind : Chaussegro de L&#233;ry, Gaspard-Joseph, 1682-1756

3. Language and Format

Is it possible can using mapping files (like MARC record) to clean up the mess of metadata input ?

EN = English
Eng = English
en = English

Maps = Map
map = Map


Fang Peng
Library Information System/DoIT
Stony Brook University