Ahh, I think I know what the problem is!

To make the contents of a web subdirectory accessible, you need to add an .htaccess file to turn off mod_rewrite in the context of that directory. You could, for example, copy this one:


- Demian

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Hi, Demian - thanks for your answer.

Actually, i'm referring to the opposite scenario - files from the web directory are readable, accessible and executable but what i want is to place files within a sub-directory, e.g. ../vufind/web/mydir but when i've tried this - the files there weren't accessible.

I inded think that it's the apache configuration and not vufind's.

Just for clarifying - i do not want to replace the 'web' directory but to add more directories that will be accessible from vufind as well.

Can you please point me to where should i configure it?

Thanks a lot!

: Demian Katz <demian.katz@villanova.edu>
:   05 2014 13:09
: Assaf Weinrib; vufind-general@lists.sourceforge.net
: RE: adding browsable directories

The VuFind code should only get executed when one of the rewrite rules in httpd-vufind.conf is matched. I believe that normally, the existence of a matching file in the file system overrides the rewrite rules (this is how, for example, bookcover.php executes separately from the core VuFind logic in VuFind 1.x). If you are putting readable files in the web directory, and they are not accessible, it is most likely a problem with the Apache configuration.


Exactly what kind of problem are you encountering? A 404 error? An attempt at routing into the VuFind application when you dont wish to? Something else?


- Demian


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How can i please add more browse-able directories?

meaning - currently if i put a php file under a new sub direcotry ( e.g. ../vufind/web/mydir/myfile.php) - it won't allow it running and i guess that perhaps the reason is what i've wrote above.


I think that it might refers to the 'local' definition under the '[site]' section in the config.ini?

But yet how to add additional ones?


Can someone please advise?


Thanks in advance



Demian - the previous mail indeed was 'a half' by mistake, this is the full and correct one.