It sounds to me like the work needs to be done inside obtenirImatge.php – if that script retrieves an ID it cannot work with, it should return a default image instead. To size images to a standard dimension, you could use PHP’s GD functions to manipulate the image prior to displaying it.


- Demian


From: Hugo Agud []
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2014 3:22 AM
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Subject: [VuFind-Tech] configure vufind to get local server images



We have add a little code to allow use local image server, I cc to Zoe because we get some info from her request and I guess she will be also interested in this ;).

This is what we have done...(copied from a mail from our developer), but we have a couple of questions

1) how to manage the size of the image?

2) ho to manage the image not found?

just a couple of tips and I think we can close it...


As per your request about the thumbnails. The implementation is straight forward.


I have implemented in your server the fix to do the personalized display.

In the src/RecordDriver/SolrDefault.php I've added the code below at the start of the getThumbnail function


       if (isset($this->mainConfig->Thumbnail->Local)

       ) {

            return  '' . $this->getUniqueId() . ".jpg";

           // return  '' . 87081 . ".jpg";



What this does is check in the config.ini /usr/local/vufing/local/config.ini for a [Thumbnail] section with a key Local=true. 


Now there is a problem with the existing php function that returns the URL. I highly recommend that they fix this before switching it live. The issue is that it should do as VuFind function does and in case it cannot find a picture should present a "special" picture, otherwise a UGLY not found picture place holder is shown to the users. Also it should normalize the image size so that the users get a nice interface.


All you need to do to see it in action is uncomment Local=true in your development server.


If you want to see actual pictures uncoment the second line. Do not forget to coment the first one. :)

thanks  you in advance


Hugo Agud - Orex Digital



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