Are you looking to expose your records through Z39.50 using VuFind, or are you looking to have VuFind perform Z39.50 searches?

Neither of these features are directly supported, but they have been discussed in the past.

Making VuFind a Z39.50 provider seems quite complex, but we have a JIRA ticket discussing some possibilities: -- feel free to comment there if relevant.

Making VuFind consume Z39.50 is likely somewhat easier. VuFind already has support for the open source Pazpar2 federated search tool, so it might be possible to construct a solution using Pazpar2 as middleware. Alternatively, it may be possible to implement a new search backend for "Enterprise" (though I am not familiar with that package).

I hope this is helpful -- please let me know if you still have questions; I'll be happy to support new development work if feasible.

- Demian

From: Elfstrand, Stephen F []
Sent: Friday, January 31, 2014 2:25 PM
Cc: Demian Katz
Subject: Does Vu-Find have Z39.50 services?

At PALS, we’ve been using VuFind over Aleph and III for several years and now we are using channeling to use the SUMMON APIs. Pretty cool stuff!  We are trying to figure out how to connect to our state-wide ILL gateway which uses Zportal and VDX from OCLC. They are both Z39.50-based products and I don’t believe they have search APIs but use only Z39.50. Does Vu-Find have any facilities to handle this? Another possible application is Vu-Find to Sirsi/Dynix “Enterprise” which is also a Z39.50 federated search engine, Any news or information is welcome.





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