At a glance, these configurations look correct. When you say that things "don't work" what exactly is going wrong? Could you send screen shots or a demo link?


From: Hugo Agud []
Sent: Monday, January 20, 2014 5:24 AM
Subject: [VuFind-General] combined results with Indexed Web


We have succesfully indexed the web ( we have not take a look in deep but it have a good look), now we wish to offer combined search and we 're facing some problem and we wish to have litle more info.

We wish to check how to improve the index data, now we only sees few info of each indexed html.

On the other had we are experiencing problems with Multicolumn and Combined Search

This is how we have configured the system... 

Multicolumn search doesn't work
Combined.ini doesn't work
tabbed search wors fine

We think that the vufind id = SolrWeb



label = Catalog

;sublabel = "library books, videos, CDs, microform, local resources"

more_link = "More catalog results"


label = Catàleg

more_link = "Publicacions Idescat"



ubuntu@ip-10-33-169-88:/usr/local/vufind2/local/config/vufind$ sudo vi /usr/local/vufind2/local/config/vufind/searchbox.ini

; This file controls VuFind's search box


; Set this to true in order to use a combined search handler drop-down as specified

; in the [CombinedHandlers] section below.

combinedHandlers = true

; This section controls the "combined handlers" drop-down. It must contain groups

; of settings with the following keys:


; type[] = "VuFind" for an internal search module or "External" for an external URL

; target[] = Search class ID for "VuFind" type, URL for "External" type

; label[] = Label for this value (subject to translation)


type[] = VuFind

target[] = Solr

label[] = Catalog

type[] = Vufind

target[] = SolrWeb

label[] = Web

please may you  help on this?


Hugo Agud - Orex Digital


Passatge de la Llançadera, 3 · 08338 Premià de Dalt - Tel: 93 539 40 70 ·


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