Thank you for the updated translations.


Please feel free to develop any VuFind documentation you wish. If you share links to this documentation, I can reference it in the VuFind wiki.


Regarding the context of “All” within the translations, this is used in a drop-down for filtering search results within the tag management module. The drop down allows the user to either filter to tags from a specific user, or to see tags from all users. I can send a screen shot if this is still unclear.





From: milton shintaku []
Sent: Monday, January 06, 2014 11:28 AM
To: Demian Katz; Diego Macêdo
Subject: Re: VUFind in Brazil


Dear Professor Katz


thank you for your response, we are excited to use and disseminate VUFind in Brazil. may we develop guides and tutorial in pt_BR about VuFind?



The tags translated:

All = "Todos" "ps. I need to know the context, 'cause "all" in portuguese may be translated by several words "todo, todos, toda, todas"

anonymous_tags = "Tags anonimas"

authentication_error_loggedout = "Você deslogou."

Catalog Login = "Login no catálogo"

catalog_login_desc = "Entre com as suas credenciais do catálogo da biblioteca."

choose_login_method = "Por favor escolha o método de identificação:"

clear_tag_filter = "Limpar filtro"

confirm_delete_tags_brief = "Deletar tags"

delete_all = "Deletar todo"

delete_page = "Deletar página"

delete_tags = "Deletar tags"

delete_tags_by = "Deletar tags por"

exclude_facet = "[excluir]"

Filter = "Filtro"

filter_tags = "Tags de filtro"

First = "Primeiro"

include_synonyms = "Expandir resultados utilizando sinônimos"

institutional_login_desc = "Entre com o usuário e senha do campus."

Last = "Último"

List Tags = "Listar Tags"

Local Login = "Login local"

local_login_desc = "Entre com o usuário e senha criado neste site."

Manage Tags = "Gerenciar tags"

QR Code = "Código QR (código de barras bidimensional)"

qrcode_hide = "Esconder o código QR"

qrcode_show = "Mostrar o código QR"

switchquery_intro = "Você pode obter mais resultados ajustando o argumento de busca."

switchquery_lowercasebools = "Caso esteja tentando utilizar os operadores booleanos, deve escrevê-los em Letras MAIÚSCULAS"

switchquery_unwantedbools = "As palabras AND, OR e NOT pode ocasionar problemas na busca; tente utilizar as aspas"

switchquery_unwantedquotes = "Remover as aspas pode possibilitar buscas mais amplas"

switchquery_wildcard = "Adicionar um caractere curinga pode recuperar variações da palavra buscada"

tag_delete_warning = "Cuidado! Você está preste a deletar %count% tag(s) de recurso(s)"

tag_delete_filter = "Você está utilizando o(s) seguinte(s) filtro(s) - Nome: %username%, Tag: %tag%, Recurso: %resource%"

tag_filter_empty = "Nenhuma tag está disponível para este filtro"

Tag Management = "Gerenciamento de tag"

tags_deleted = "Deletada %count% tag(s)"

Total Balance Due = "Total devido do balanço"

total_comments = "Total de comentários"

total_lists = "Total de Listas"

total_resources = "Total Resources"

total_saved_items = "Total de itens salvados"

total_tags = "Total de tags"

total_users = "Total de Usuários"

unique_tags = "Tags únicas"

vudl_access_denied = "Access não permitido."



best regards




2014/1/6 Demian Katz <>

Thank you for sharing these translations, and apologies for the late response – for some reason the emails I sent to you directly have bounced.


I'm very happy to hear that you will be working on disseminating the software in Brazil. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you!


I have updated the master branch in our Git repo to include your translations.


A few new strings have been added to the language file since the last release. Here are the English lines that are currently missing from your file:


All = "All"

anonymous_tags = "Anonymous Tags"

authentication_error_loggedout = "You have logged out."

Catalog Login = "Catalog Login"

catalog_login_desc = "Enter your library catalog credentials."

choose_login_method = "Please choose a login method:"

clear_tag_filter = "Clear Filter"

confirm_delete_tags_brief = "Delete Tags"

delete_all = "Delete All"

delete_page = "Delete Page"

delete_tags = "Delete Tags"

delete_tags_by = "Delete Tags By"

exclude_facet = "[exclude]"

Filter = "Filter"

filter_tags = "Filter Tags"

First = "First"

include_synonyms = "Expand results using synonyms"

institutional_login_desc = "Enter your campus-wide username and password."

Last = "Last"

List Tags = "List Tags"

Local Login = "Local Login"

local_login_desc = "Enter the username and password you created for this site."

Manage Tags = "Manage Tags"

QR Code = "QR Code"

qrcode_hide = "Hide QR Code"

qrcode_show = "Show QR Code"

switchquery_intro = "You may be able to get more results by adjusting your search query."

switchquery_lowercasebools = "If you are trying to use Boolean operators, they must be ALL CAPS"

switchquery_unwantedbools = "The words AND, OR and NOT may confuse the search; try adding quotes"

switchquery_unwantedquotes = "Removing quotes may allow a broader search"

switchquery_wildcard = "Adding a wildcard symbol may retrieve word variants"

tag_delete_warning = "Warning! You are about to delete %count% resource tag(s)"

tag_delete_filter = "You are using the following filter - Username: %username%, Tag: %tag%, Resource: %resource%"

tag_filter_empty = "No tags are available for this filter"

Tag Management = "Tag Management"

tags_deleted = "%count% tag(s) deleted"

Total Balance Due = "Total Balance Due"

total_comments = "Total Comments"

total_lists = "Total Lists"

total_resources = "Total Resources"

total_saved_items = "Total Saved Items"

total_tags = "Total Tags"

total_users = "Total Users"

unique_tags = "Unique Tags"

vudl_access_denied = "Access denied."


If you are able to contribute translations of these before the end of the month, I will be able to include a complete translation with the 2.2 release. If there is anything I can do to assist -- such as explaining context of any ambiguous strings -- I will be happy to help.


Thanks again for your interest in VuFind!


- Demian


From: milton shintaku []
Sent: Thursday, January 02, 2014 11:17 AM
To:; Demian Katz
Subject: Re: VUFind in Brazil




2014/1/2 milton shintaku <>

Dear Professor Demian Katz



First, let's introduce ourselves, we are a team of a brazilian governmental 

named Institute of Information in Science and Technology (IBICT). We work with technologies for the information science support. So we'd developed a portal using VUFind and than we needed to translate the help and the message pages into brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR). Now the portal can be acessed by this URL:


We would like to disseminate the VUFind software in Brazil by the development of guides and Portuguese tutorials, as we've done with PKP and DSpace (IBICT is a PKP and DSpace project partner).


The translation files follow attached.




IBICT team