This email looks better, so maybe Outlook is becoming more cooperative! The screen shot appears to be missing, however.

If the problem is that you are not getting real-time call number and location information, it may mean that your ILS driver is not configured.

If you want to browse 1.3 code, you can find it in Subversion here:

- Demian

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I don't know why but this outlook won't let me write from left to right

As for your answer: first thanks a lot for your responses, they're very helpful!a

regarding issue '1' - what i've meant you can see in the attached screenshot, it's not  aURL but within vufind it can't find the records' call number and location

As for the other suggestions  - i'll try them further on and update 


where from can i download the code for 1.3 version i can see the 'Browse the code' option only for newer versions?


: Demian Katz <>
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: RE: vufind beginner questions

Unfortunately, your email is a bit garbled it seems youre still having some problems with right-to-left vs. left-to-right text display. Ill try to guess what you are asking, but I apologize if Im misunderstanding anything!


1.       Could you show an example URL that is not working? Im not sure exactly what you are saying is not working.

2.       If you turn on the debug setting near the top of your config.ini file (in the local/config/vufind directory) you should see some debug information embedded in your web pages (though certain AJAX functions may stop working as a side effect). If you want to see the Solr messages, you can set the JETTY_LOG environment variable to a filename prior to starting the script, and all Solr output will be captured to that file.

3.       Are you looking for the online documentation at ? We had some technical problems over the last couple of weeks, but it should be working now. Let me know if youre still having trouble.


Again, sorry if Im answering the wrong questions here!


- Demian


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I'd please like to post a few questions:

Finally i've succeeded to install vufind (Linux on vmware) and imported records, when i perform a search the RTA ('loading...') is never stops and doesn't retrieve any information, does anyone know what iam i missing?

I want to play in the UI and see the running log during runtime, how can i do it?

How can i create a new user, login with it, etc. - where is all that documentation is placed in vufind's site?

thanks in advance,