I think the biggest performance gain on the PHP side is use of a PHP accelerator like APC -- I haven't done much experimentation with this (there can be weird side effects occasionally) but at least at the Zend Framework level, it should be well supported.

- Demian

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We started towards a database-driven consolidation of customized modules/themes, but for now we just install a different VuFind instance and manage the differences with version control.  I would be interested to see the performance of various different configurations profiled, but I suspect the main differences will still be things like caching and Solr performance.  There are advantages to having, for example, all the various libraries' cover images cached in the same pool.  

I'm not enough of a PHP tuner to know where in the framework part of the stack any comparable gains can be achieved.  


On Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 7:01 AM, <iteam@gmx.com> wrote:
We are planning to install multiple libraries on the same server.
The goal is to run one Zend/Vufind stack and incrementally add library modules and themes on top of it.
Does anyone has a similiar experience?
Thank you in advance for any feedback an have a Happy New 2014
Richard Urban

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