Have you looked at the Villanova VuFind?


We use a two-column results screen to present local catalog results and Summon results at the same time. As of VuFind 2.1, this is a standard feature that anyone can turn on.

- Demian

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Subject: [VuFind-General] VuFind as adjunct to discovery tool

Hi all

                Now that the exhibit is setup at my library, I can re-focus on getting VuFind setup.


I had a general usability question..


Our library has a discovery tool, that is very prominent on our homepage.


I have to check the more recent analytics, but the last time I checked those, the use was not ideal (many users were spending less than a few minutes on the site, indicating they were overwhelmed by the results and left the results page).


Our working theory for discovery tools was: search “everything” first, then go out to more specific resources…it kind of maps to learning about research…the more advanced you are, the more advanced you want your tools to be.


Our discovery tool has other issues as well, and the circulation staff have advocated: put the library catalog first…I’ve told myself little stories like, they don’t see the benefits, just the problems; and, give it time, the discovery tool will be better in the future.


Fast forward a couple of years later, and the same problems persist..I am wondering how other libraries integrate discovery and a more local search tool like the catalog/VuFind; do some places start with the catalog/VuFind and then recommend a broader search in a discovery tool.


Just wondering…


Thanks everyone!  It’s a sunny but cold Friday in Philadelphia,





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