The subject has come up before.  For the moment, I'm not eager to do it for several reasons:

1.) Either it will fragment the home of the project (with some things on Sourceforge and others on GitHub -- a confusing situation that I would like to avoid), or else we'll have to change all of our hosting and workflows (a huge amount of work that I can't justify right now when I could be writing code instead).

2.) I see no reason to move the Subversion history into Git.  VuFind 1 and VuFind 2 are essentially completely different projects that just happen to perform the same functions.  I think it's better to leave VuFind 1 where it is so people who are dependent on existing workflows can continue to use the software as-is, and to encourage everyone who wants to do things in a more modern way to move up to VuFind 2.

3.) You can use GitHub right now -- just pull the Sourceforge repo into your GitHub account.  I realize that you don't get all of the benefits of fully integrated pull requests, etc., but this would allow you to use the GitHub interface to browse the code, and if you make changes in a branch in your GitHub copy of VuFind, it's not difficult to email me a pull request or post a link in JIRA to get it back into the SourceForge repo.

This isn't my final word on the subject, of course -- I like GitHub too, and it may well make sense to migrate at some point.  I just don't feel that right now is the best time to do it, and as I say, you can reap some of the benefits of GitHub right now without any disruption of the existing project tooling.

If you have specific ideas on how to make a transition less painful (or want to contribute some time to making it happen), that could obviously have some impact on my opinion as well.  And I'm also interested to hear if anyone else has strong opinions about this one way or another.

- Demian

From: Thomas Misilo []
Sent: Friday, February 01, 2013 11:12 AM
Subject: [VuFind-Tech] Possibility of Switching to GitHub for Git Hosting?



I was wondering if there have ever been talks about switching from SF to GitHub for the repository hosting  (beyond


Some of the features of GitHub


         Pull Requests

         Nice interface

         Easy Forking to be able to work on the project in your own custom branches, and use Pull Requests to merge documents back.

         Integration with Jira:


We could also look at porting the Subversion history of VuFind into GitHub, that way is is all in one place.


Just trying to start some discussion, as I have a hard time even browsing the SourceForge view.