I think the most tangible example out there is in this JIRA ticket:


That has some schema.org modifications that Eoghan put together; it's over a year old, so I'm not sure if there have been developments that make it obsolete, but it might at least be a place to start.

As you may have seen from the other discussions you've come across, I'm a bit reluctant to make embedded metadata a standard part of VuFind because it increases the complexity of templates and makes things harder to customize...  but I do understand its value.  If you have any ideas on how we can achieve this in a relatively flexible and painless way, I'm definitely open to suggestions!

- Demian

From: Thomas Dowling [dowlintp@wfu.edu]
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2013 6:10 PM
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Subject: [VuFind-Tech] Embedded DC and schema.org tags?

Is there work out there that I can borrow from, to add embedded Dublin Core* and schema.org metadata to VuFind record displays?  I was able to find a few threads in the archive that seemed to peter out with no solution.

(*Or something more Zotero-friendly than COinS.)

First time poster - please be kind. :-)

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