Have you read the wiki page on importing XML records?




There’s an import/import-xsl.php tool which can load XML records into Solr with the help of XSLT.  There is a harvest/batch-import-xsl.sh script which uses the XSLT tool to batch-load harvested OAI records.  VuFind ships with several example XSLT sheets, most of which use some variation of Dublin Core.


Let me know if you still have questions once you have looked at this!


- Demian


From: Sean F [mailto:strela83@yahoo.com]
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I have a question about importing marc records and oai harvesting.  We batch load marc records and we need to harvest Dublin Core oai records.
How should we bring in oai records?
Do we need to have some data in the records that we can distinguish display marc records from non-marc records(oai records)?


Thank you