I don’t have much experience with SIP2 (the code was written before my time and I’ve never been able to test it in a real-life situation).  However, I can say that the patron and password do not need to be binary – those are just weird examples.  As for those private variables, I’m guessing they have something to do with the SIP2 protocol and probably do not need to be changed, but I’m not totally certain.


- Demian


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Hi Folks,

I'm trying to use the SIP2 Driver to create a service which will allow users to pay off their fines. From the driver I see the following:

*    // Identify a patron
*    $mysip->patron = '101010101';
*    $mysip->patronpwd = '010101';

Does this mean username and passwords have to be converted to binary or is that just a strange example?

Also, does anyone know if setting the following variables is important?

    /* Private variables for building messages */
    public $AO = 'WohlersSIP';
    public $AN = 'SIPCHK';

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