I’ve been trying to help someone off-list with a strange VuFind problem.  He is using PHP 5.3.3 under CentOS with VuFind 1.3.


Whenever his VuFind instance tries to write its session data, it dies with errors that indicate it is having trouble loading classes – either SPL-Autoload failures or class not found errors.  All of the errors relate to classes that are explicitly loaded via require statements and which function correctly prior to the session write operation.


At a glance, it looks to me like this is some kind of PHP bug – when the registered session handler performs its write operation, somehow it loses track of the loaded classes and fails.


I have found a few vaguely similar reports of CentOS session problems (for example, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10150296/cant-make-custom-session-save-handler-workno-registered-method-called-in-cent), but nothing that exactly matches what’s being seen here.


I’m just curious if anyone else has ever run into this or is aware of a workaround (other than upgrading PHP, which I have already suggested).


- Demian