A good starting point for “monthly searches” might be URLs containing ‘Search/Results’ that were not initiated by obvious robots.  I’m sure that wouldn’t be a perfect measure, but it might be the sort of thing you could extract fairly easily, and it would get you a ballpark figure.


- Demian


From: Wagner, Kurt [mailto:WagnerK@wpunj.edu]
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To: vufind-general
Subject: [VuFind-General] How are you gathering VUFind usage statistics?


I’d love to hear how (and that assumes, if) you are collecting VUFind usage stats. It seems obvious, to me, that you’d apply AWStats (or similar) to your logs and go from there. I’d appreciate any advice you’d offer from your experience performing an analysis such as this; particularly, what you’re counting to arrive at something like “Monthly Searches.”




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