Yes, changing MarcRecord.php only affects display, not searching.  To make sure all of the fields are also indexed, you should look at the import rules in import/ and override the appropriate line(s) in import/  Here are the lines you might want to change:

topic = custom, getAllSubfields(600:610:611:630:650:656, " ")
genre = custom, getAllSubfields(655, " ")
geographic = custom, getAllSubfields(651, " ")
era = custom, getAllSubfields(648, " ")

topic_facet = 600x:610x:611x:630x:648x:650a:650x:651x:655x
genre_facet = 600v:610v:611v:630v:648v:650v:651v:655a:655v
geographic_facet = 600z:610z:611z:630z:648z:650z:651a:651z:655z
era_facet = 600d:610y:611y:630y:648a:648y:650y:651y:655y

The first set of four is used just for search purposes.  The second set of four controls the facet display.

Of course, you'll also need to reindex after making any changes here.

Let me know if you have questions about anything!


From: Nathan Tallman []
Sent: Friday, April 27, 2012 9:41 AM
To: vufind-tech
Subject: [VuFind-Tech] Indexing 690 Field

I've tweaked MarcRecord.php, getAllSubjectHeadings() as follows:

        // These are the fields that may contain subject headings:
        $fields = array('600', '610', '611', '630', '648', '650', '651', '653', '654', '655', '656', '657', '658', '662', '690');

690 local subject headings show up in the core record view, which is all good. But, when I do a subject search for any of the 690 headings, I get no results. Are the indexing options for subject headings somewhere else?