So SirsiDynix Enterprise has come a long way since SD started trying to sell it to us. Like VuFind it uses Solr and lets you create facets in addition to those available out of the box.


SirsiDynix demoed Enterprise yesterday for our consortium. I will be doing the same sort of demo with our heavily modified version of VuFind on June 5. Following that, the consortium will decide whether Enterprise or VuFind will be our replacement for e-Library (either will be a humongous improvement). On the few days I have available to work on VuFind before my demo, I’m going to be frantically trying to get New Items built out (although I’m going the route of embedding the record’s creation date in the bib record and indexing that so I don’t think it’ll be of much use to anyone else – turns out I would need to do this very same thing for Enterprise facets so it’s a good choice to cover my bases).


So I’m either going to be lingering around here for the long-term or dropping off the face of the VuFind map very soon.




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