We are a consortium of 30 libraries, 29 of them in a shared VuFind catalog.  We use EZProxy to authenticate against our patron database (Symphony) for paid databases that are listed on web pages separate from our catalog.  Currently this authentication operates through our old catalog, Web2.  There were a couple of EZProxy-specific pages on our Web2 server and in my EZProxy config file, I pointed to the URL for the Web2 catalog. 

I'm wondering what needs to be done to instead authenticate through our new VuFind catalog.  I've searched the documentation on the VuFind site, and have found references to EZProxy, including "Improved EZProxy integration" but have not seen anything about how exactly to implement it.  There is a section in the VuFind config.ini file that says:
EZproxy is optional.  This section only needs to exist if you  are using EZProxy to provide off-site access to online materials.
host            = http://proxy.myuniversity.edu
I'm not sure how to modify that for our 30 libraries (we have 30 separate instances of EZProxy; http://ezproxy.berlinlibrary.org:2048/login and http://ezproxy.winneconnelibrary.org:2048/login are two examples), and whether that is all that will be needed to continue using our existing links on external pages as planned. 

I also checked with EZProxy/OCLC support site, but there is no listing of VuFind at http://www.oclc.org/us/en/support/documentation/ezproxy/usr/default.htm. 

Is anyone running a similar configuration that would be able to point me in the right direction? 

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